Photo: Anders Skovshoved

The perfect combination of big room vibes, laid-back atmosphere and artistic freedom

Using urban renewal as a metaphor for a nightclub might be a bit far fetched but it is nevertheless quite fitting to help describe KBIII. A club that was, until very recently a working meat locker in the meatpacking district of Copenhagen.

KBIII has put together a team of the best people within the club scene, to make sure an unique experience is being created for the audience every weekend. People are invited in to a nightclub containing a 13 meters long bar serving high quality cocktails, lounge areas and an incredible backyard which will host a lot of cool parties over the summer, with only the sky as roof.

It’s clear that every detail of the club has been designed, sculpted or crafted to make even the hard-to-please guests feel right at home. And even though their fingers are firmly placed on the pulse of the underground art world, the main aim of KBIII is to get people dancing. During the weekend nights the old meat freezer is turned into a sweating, writhing mass churned to life by some of Denmark’s - and the world’s - best DJs.

Just like the Copenhagen meatpacking district has done in the last few years, KBIII strives to embrace new creative cultures while paying respect to the old masters. Burlesque, film showings, concerts, release parties and more. KBIII does it all, but is first and foremost the biggest nightclub in the Meatpacking Districts.